Olamall Children Bicycle Kids Bicycle Kid Bike Bikes Bicycle with Removable Training Wheels 12/14/16/18inch

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Dear buyer:

If you encounter any issues with your purchase, please contact our warehouse staff immediately which pictures or videos, which will help us identify the issue. We will put in our utmost efforts to resolve the issues to provide the best service and satisfaction to you.

***About the installation
Our bicycles are all brand new. You can choose non-installation and installation option, additonal installation will charge extra fees($50)! If you need us to assemble it, please choose the install option. We will ship it to you after it is assembled.
In addition, if you has chosen install option but don't want us to install the training wheels, please contact our customer service, and in order for the bicycle to stand on it's own you can buy a bicycle stand/kick stand. By the way, it is inevitable that the bicycle will touch the ground when our warehouse staff install the bicycle for you. , So the wheels of the bicycle will be a bit dirty, but this is not an old or used one; if you want a completely new bicycle, you can choose not to install it.

We’d also like to introduce you to our bicycles without installation, if you’d like to challenge yourself to install!
"But how do I assemble this?” We have three different languages, English/Malay/Mandarin, of full installation videos ready for you to view and install at the same time on Youtube.

Our Youtube Channel:

We also stream LIVE on shopee on Mondays- Saturdays 10:30-12:00. During this time, you can watch our bicycle assembling team to bring your bicycles to life from a pile of parts! You can also use this chance to get some tips and tricks on how to assemble the bicycle as well as ask any questions you have in mind.

Installing the Bicycle yourself will also bring joy to your children, as they can see the live process of it being assembled!

Style type: Soldier/Cuter/Type E/Type C
Main colors: red, yellow, blue
Main size: 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches
Product introduction:
1. The seat and handlebar can be adjusted
2. Related parts-hand-held seats, original auxiliary wheels, sturdy and durable, equipped with bell tools
3. High strength, good toughness, durable, carbon steel hot processing and cutting performance, quenching.
4. Anti-skid wear-resistant thickened tires, gripping the dungeon, low resistance, not easy to rust, stable riding, safer without odor.
5. Front caliper brake, rear holding brake, safety brake brake, sensitive and easier to master riding safety.
Buying Guide:
12inch is suitable for height and age: 80-100cm 2-4 years old
14inch is suitable for height and age: 90-110cm 3-5 years old
16inch is suitable for height and age: 105-125cm 5-8 years old
18inch is suitable for height and age: 115-140cm 6-10 years old