2PCS Mold Removal Gel, Mold Cleaner, Mold Remover, Remove Mold and Mildew from your Toilet Sink, Washing Machine

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Accurately targets mold & mildew build-up
For all mold-related stain - Tiles, Grout, Sealant, Bath, Sinks, Showers
No more scrubbing
Non-toxic & Odor-free
Prevents Further Mold Formation
Extra fast-acting & powerful concentrated gel formula can help to remove mold & mildew & prevent them re-growth
Easy to use - With a squeezable flip-top bottle

How To Use?

1. Dry the surface
2. Completely cover at least 3 mm moldy surface like a toothpaste
3. Wait for 3~4 hours for the result
4. Clean the gel away with water
5. For those stubborn mold/ mildew, please repeat step 1-4 until complete removal of mold
6. After applying the mold remover gel for 3~4 hours, you can an unused toothbrush to scrub around that area for the stubborn, hard to remove mold and mildew.
For places with a more serious mold problem, we suggest leaving it for at least 8 to 10 hours before washing it off.

Try it out. It works wonders!

2.[Tile reform grouting fix waterproof anti-fungus floor tiles patching agent]
is specially formulated for use on wet surfaces.
It's suitable for use on floor tiles at dry area (e.g. bedrooms, living rooms) and wet areas (e.g. kitchen and bathroom).

The waterproof and anti-fungal properties will prevent the moisture from getting into the grout, developing mildew which may cause health issues when exposed for prolong period.

Gap Filler can also help to repair gaps and cracks on most types of floors (e.g. ceramic, marbles, mosaic, terrazzo and more).

EASY TO APPLY - Using the scrapper provided to help smoothen the sealer
WATER PROOF -Prevents moisture from getting into the porous grout
ANTI FUNGAL - Prevents the growth of mold, fungus and mildew within the grout
TILE FRIENDLY - Does not damage or decolour the tiles
VARIOUS COLOURS - Provides a variety of colours that matches most tiles

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