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Cheap Nerf Guns for sale!

Electric Burst Soft (Tip:Do not use strong batteries)
Main Type:
7004-Weight: 0.635
Material: safe and non-toxic plastic, no irritating smell
Packing specification: 41.7*26.5*9cm
Product specifications: 37*20*7.5cm

7006-Material: ABS environmental plastic
Weight: 0.805kg
Packing size: 45*8.5*23.5
Outer box size: 74*37*98
Package Content;Packing Box*1,Manual*1
Configuration: Deliver 20 rounds of bullets
Operation instructions: Remember to pull the trigger to the end, when loading the bullet, the warhead is going outside

7051-Material: ABS + electronic components
Range: 8-10 meters
Battery: 5th, 6th (self-provided)
Net weight: 1.3kg
1, super cool appearance, workmanship is realistic, more exciting
2, safe soft bullets, safe and reliable
Package Content:Packing Box*1,Manual*1

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