(48hours deliver)Vertical Inflatable Boxing Column Fitness Decompression Inflatable Kick Training Pressure Relieving

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This Free Standing Punching Bag is perfect for home workouts and stress relief. It can exercise children's coordination and flexibility to bring fun to the whole family.
If you use it for a long time, it is inevitable that it will leak. Please confirm that the gas is sufficient before the next use.

Features and Specifications:
1.Size: Stands 63 inches tall and measures 65cm in bottom diameter.
2.Material: environmentally friendly PVC, safe and durable.
3.2 parts, the bottom is used to add weight to water or sand to keep it stable on the ground, and the upper part is used to inflate to help you train your skills. Includes 1 inlet, 3 air launch pockets (neck and body need to be inflated separately)
4.This fun standing punching bag is perfect for staying healthy or releasing stress. Every time the shock sways back and forth, it is very suitable for boxing training.
5.Suitable for any sports venues such as home, training room, gym. Suitable for children 6 years of age and older or adults.
6.Color: Black, red, yellow

Installation Method:
1. Open the rubber stopper and plastic cover in base.
2. Fill water into the case, plug the rubber stopper and cover.
3. Inflate it through the air mouth.

Package includes:
1 x Boxing Column