(48hours deliver)Free Pet Bowl +Square Tube Wire Dog Fence House Large Folding Pet Cage

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Name:Square Tube Wire Dog House Large Folding Pet Cage
Material:Spray paint wire
Specification:With toilet and skylight(foldable)
Size:79*48*70cm+Free Pet Bowl
【product manual】:
>High-strength steel wire and steel pipe material, the outer layer is sprayed. Firm texture, good rust resistance
>There is a tray inside, which can be pulled out to facilitate cleaning the dog's urine
>The chassis leak-proof beam not only serves to support the chassis, but also does not have to worry about the dog's size leaking onto your floor.
>The cage is made of hexagon socket screws, so that your pet can't get rid of it, it is not easy to rust.
>With carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, the welding is more robust and difficult to open.
>Square tube type, sturdy and durable. Suitable for families and pet stores with multiple pet dogs. The whole department can be opened.
Package Content:Packing Box*1,Manual*1,Free Pet Bowl

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