(48hours deliver)New Dog/Cat Comb Shaving Scissors Knot Out Pet Shaver

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Name: New Dog Comb Shaving Scissors Knot Out Pet Shaver
Material: ABS
Blister specifications: 14*4.5*26.5cm
Weight: 140 grams
Packing quantity: 72
Packing specification: 57*40*38cm
Gross weight: 10/10.5
Knot out electric pet grooming comb is the ultimate pet supplies pet falling off tool. The Knot out feature hides the rotating blades, allowing you to give your pet coat a good comb. If you encounter any knots, the Knot Out function rotates the blades, behind a security guard in the hog area. These blades allow you to push through the knot with just one button, which means you won't have to untie the knot. With this feature, you will be able to get rid of the knot in your pet clothes without causing pain or discomfort trying to do so. Knot out is a simple and quick grooming tool to keep your pet fur the best maintenance. Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included)
Package Content:Packing Box*,1Manual*1

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