Diatom mud absorbent mat / heat insulation pad creative cute cup holder / diatomaceous earth mat

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Instantaneous water absorption, 90% porosity, can absorb 2-4 times its body weight of water , 60s high absorption rate. Creative Contemporary Design

Suggested use: living room, bedroom, study, outdoor, dining room, bathroom, balcony, commercial establishments
Dimensions: Coaster size 
Material: diatomite
Anti-slip fabric main component: Rubberised polyester

What is diatomaceous earth? Diatomaceous earth is a kind of plankton (diatoms) that inhabited lakes and oceans during the Cretaceous period and deposited into fossils over time after death. It is a natural mineral. The surface of diatomaceous earth has countless fine pores, which keep the surface dry. . With strong water absorption, it is a good product for household life.

Why does diatomaceous earth absorb water? It has a unique porosity of more than 90% and a unique "molecular sieve"-like void structure, which quickly dries moisture and makes the surface of the floor mat dry quickly.


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