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A sophisticated blending blade update-update version of the personal mixer, with six blades, can mix well, can easily crush fruits and vegetables into amazing ice sand. It will not leave a lot of fruit and ice, nor will it be as noisy as the traditional mixer.

USB intelligent rechargeable and portable - & nbsp; USB Juicer cup equipped with built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery, can be easily charged through mobile power supply, notebook computers, mobile phones or other USB devices.

Simple and safe cleaning - It has intelligent safety protection device, magnetic induction switch uses super safe and clean, the body and bottom of juice cup can be separated, it can be convenient to clean, material anti-fall.

Multifunctional - Our juice mixer mixes all kinds of fruits and vegetables. You can use it as a water bottle, fruit and vegetable juicer, milkshake and other baby food, ice sand and jam manufacturers, so that you can enjoy fresh nutrition retention and good leisure time when you work, exercise, hiking, driving, traveling, camping, picnic.


Power: 200W and below
Maximum juice output at one time: 400mL and below
Pulp residue box capacity: 500ml or less (including 500ml)
Feeding port shape: round
Maximum speed of the juicer: 20001 rpm (inclusive) -22000 rpm (inclusive)
Additional functions of the juicer: Juicing, minced meat, stirring, milkshake, crushed ice, dry grinding, vegetable cutting
Body material: plastic
Capacity: 401mL (inclusive)-600mL (inclusive)
Speed: 22001 rpm and above
Function: Juicing
After-sales service: Three guarantees for shops
Smart type: Smart is not supported
Product specifications: four knives for juicer cup
Maximum oil output at one time: 400mL and below
Voltage: ≤36V
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