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Name: Shaking head fan

Volume: 0.26kg

Product size: 14*22cm

Blade material: plastic

Switch Type: Swivel

Product parameters:

1. Charging rated voltage: DC 5V

2. Charging rated current: 500MA

3. Motor power: 4w

4. Battery capacity: 1200MAH

5. Battery Model: 3.7v/18650 Lithium Battery

6. Material: ABS+ Electronic Components

Instructions for use:

1. Make sure the battery has a good cycle life. Please charge about 1.5 hours before use.

2. When charging, plug the USB port of the usb power cord (shipped) into the (optional) phone charger. Computer or mobile power output port. The other end (round) 3.5mm terminal of the power cord is plugged into the fan's DC 5v jack for charging.

3. When charging, please put the battery positive and negative (- +) according to the instructions in the product, to avoid the negative and positive (- +) reverse the short circuit of the battery to ensure the safety of charging.

4. This product can be used to install lithium batteries, lithium batteries can also be removed, using usb power supply.

Random Accessories

Fan (with recharged lithium battery), usb power cord.