SG Vacuum food Sealer /5 In 1 Automatic Food Sealer Machine for Food Storage and Preservation with Dry&Moist Modes

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1.Keeps food fresh up to 5X longer and helps prevent freezer burn;
2.Save up to $1800 yearly (based on buying in bulk, buying on sale, and preventing waste);
3.New Technology - Minimizes Bag Material Used, 50% less than traditional Food Saver Units;
4.Auto Vacuum and Seal Button - dual purpose button vacuums out air and creates a strong seal, automatically stopping once food is airtight and ready for storage
5.Easy-Lock-Latch - secures bag for the strongest vacuum seal

1. Put the items inside the bag. Clean and straighten the open end of the bag, clearing away any dust and smoothing out wrinkles or ripples.
2. Place the open end of the bag in the vacuum chamber beneath the air intake. Do not overfill the bag.
3. Close the lid and then press on both sides of the lid,and lock the buckles.
4. Press the power button and the green LED will blink, the bag will be automatically vacuumize
5. When the LED turns to be red, the bag will be automatically sealed.
6. When the LED turns to be green again, the process is completed.
7. Open the vacuum releasing-valve and release the vacuum pressure inside the machine.
8. Open the upper lid and take out the bag. Refrigerate or freeze sealed food bag if needed.

Size: 310*135*60 mm
Power Supply: AC 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz 130W
Maximum Vacuum Limit: -40 ~ -60kPa
Maximum Sealing Width: 250mm
Heat -sealing Time: 6-15 seconds

Guidelines of the size of Vacuum bag: 7x10cm: Cereal & Grains 15x20cm: Chicken feet 17x25cm: Beef 20x25cm: Chicken