USB Global Travel Adapters

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Telescopic multi-function plug with patented structure/appearance technology, with new design, suitable for all kinds of standard plugs and sockets in more than 150 countries.

Applicable voltage: 100-240V (volt)
Rated current: 6.3A
Large load power: 1500W
Dual USB output: DC 5V 2400MA
Material: PC + ABS brass + phosphor bronze, environmentally friendly non-toxic materials, flame retardant export standards
Color: white, black, can be customized according to requirements
Packing: 100 pcs / CTN G.W: 15.5KG
Proofing time 3-5 days
product description:
GSM travel adapter, suitable for sockets in more than 150 countries around the world. All imports of refractory products, safe and reliable. Products with overload / over-temperature / short circuit protection.
Simply push each regional standard plug to provide safe power to laptops, cell phone chargers, battery chargers, or your other favorite digital gadgets and home appliances. Part of the socket with children's electric shock protection cover. 1 push button with a safety push button switch plug the standard global travel unobstructed
Small and lightweight, beautiful appearance, easy to carry Unique plug interface design, to avoid accidentally plug the plug and cause leakage, ensure safety
The use of fire-resistant insulation materials, the use of more secure and reliable Built-in ceramic fuses, to protect the safety of use
Can prevent lightning. Built-in performance IC charging, can have more protection of mobile phones and other electrical appliances to ensure the safety of charge quality! USB interface, the use of objects: mobile phones, MP4, PDA, USB lights, USB fans, beard knives, notebooks, hair dryer, video cameras, projectors, etc. .
1, The appearance of the product is exquisite and beautiful, shiny and smooth, feel comfortable, easy to carry, travel, business, study and other people a good choice. So that your portable electrical equipment anywhere in the world are as unobstructed electricity, to achieve a true sense of the world.
2, the jack part: multiple national socket hole combination, can accept different countries in the world pin (plug); Jack Department has a special safety door to prevent accidental electric shock, to protect the user's personal safety!
This product is not applicable to areas: parts of Africa. (This product does not convert voltage: for example, 110V to 220V does not have this feature)